Friday, 8 February 2008

forking privately in Debian

Joachim, the key is probably to implement patch support in srcinst and actually implement something nice which I think has nice applications.

It might be nice to combine srcinst with debian-xcontrol to obtain also customizable dependencies (e.g. no arts support).

I guess you'll be the best person to take over srcinst since:
  1. John Goerzen doesn't want to/can't continue maintaining it
  2. is written in Haskell and you know Haskell
  3. source is available for grabs from

The basic idea is to have another command[1] wrap aptitude/apt-get/srcinst and make sure it does the proper job, depending on the local configuration.

[1] let's say, the debtoo command - srcinst should remain the tool for clear 'from source installs'


Anonymous said...

Wouldn't apt-build be an option, too?
At least it has a "--patch" option already to apply a patch before building.

eddyp said...

probably apt-build is ok, but he needs to remember to always update that package manually via apt-build