Thursday, 9 October 2008

Nokia has your data

As a beta tester for the new email application from Nokia, you will have to give your mail account password:

and agree that they will get your data, too [1].

Really unimpressive, Nokia.

[1] I haven't checked the "Nokia privacy policy", but is enough for me to say no, thanks, and start to wonder if they do anything behind my back with the phones they sell.


Anonymous said...

This kind of "push mail via phone manufacturers servers that read your emails" privacy nightmare thing was invented by blackberry. And it's hugely popular. So blaming nokia about this is a bit unfair..

Anonymous said...

Indeed, that does not seem to be they having your data, it looks simply like allowing your data to go to servers in the US, or elsewhere, so I think you really need to read the privacy policy to know if your data is going to be 'theirs'.