Thursday, 16 July 2009

last post - bicycle riding: flash, airplanes and bikes

Bikes and airplanes

In spite of a couple of suggestions to bring my folding bike to Cáceres, I won't do it. For short, I care too much about my bike to let it on the careless hands of the morons handling luggage on the Otopeni airport. For a detailed reasoning, please see the comments I made on my last post.


Some people have complained that the links with images I gave in the previous post needed the proprietary flash implementation. I am sorry about that. I checked myself with gnash and swfdec and indeed neither works (or at least the Lenny versions don't). I'll report the bug against gnash and swfdec, if nobody else does it before me.

By the way, changing the flash player in Debian is as simple as using:

update-alternatives --config

And restarting iceweasel/Firefox or epiphany. Iceweasel/Firefox has the possibility to disable a plugin (add-ons -> plugins), but that doesn't seem to reload the .so file once loaded.

So here are the images in a more accessible format as before:

U shaped bycicle crossing:

High border examples:

Sometimes you can go around the high border, but you might have to wait for pedestrians to pass:

Bicycle traps:

Car parking on bicycle tracks:
Pedestrians using the tracks:

Good tracks:

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