Saturday, 21 November 2009

Vote at the presidential elections!

Yesterday was the last day of presidential campaign, the most poisonous campaign since 1989, when the communist rule has fallen ... or so says history.

This campaign period was one of firsts of all kinds, mostly bad.

This is the first presidential campaign:
  • when, as a voter, one could clearly see polls were doctored massively as a means to influence the voters
  • when the internet was crucial and almost the only means of spreading ideas for the campaign of a candidate, Remus Cernea
  • in which an important internet news site,, decided not to publish polls anymore
  • when the public television didn't perform its duty to organise a debate with all the candidates at the same time
  • when candidates were separated in two groups: "insignificant candidates" and "important candidates"
  • when some candidates refused to participate in public debates, except on their own terms, as if it was a service done by them to others
  • when candidates accused each other of being afraid to participate in face to face debates, while it was clear that this was true for many
  • when a candidate, Remus Cernea, was kicked out of a debate where he was previously invited, without being given a reason
  • when journalists' investigations found that all major parties had during the last year donations from at least 100 politicians with a declared income lower or identical to the donated sums totalling up to 91 millions of new lei (RON) (approximately 22 million euros)
  • when we have proof directly from frauders that all major parties prepared to fraud the elections via electoral tourism, electoral bribes and vote purchase
  • when a referendum was used as a electoral means by one of the candidates
  • when opponents twisted and re-twisted others' electoral message
  • when an illegitimate organisation organised a debate with only the first three candidates
  • when it was announced that special polling stations were made to target people voting away from home, not allowing such voting on special lists in regular polling stations; also the special polling stations will be, for the first time, monitored via webcams which will record the voters when they insert the bulletin
  • when some candidates clearly stole ideas from others mid-campaign
  • when I decided I am going to vote out of conviction and cast a positive vote for Remus Cernea
This is the first time I realise how important it is for everybody to go and cast a vote for the candidate they prefer to dilute the effects of the frauds.

Go and vote for the candidate you agree the most!

Don't cast a "useful vote", otherwise you will disservice your prefered candidate in three ways:
  • you're strentghning one of the adversaries
  • your prefered candidate will be in a worse position to negotiate with others the implementation of some of the points on his platform in case he doesn't win
  • you're canceling one of the votes somebody did vote for the one you prefer

Don't forget, tomorrow, the 22nd of November spare some 15-30 minutes and vote for the person that represents you most! Don't follow the flock, vote sincerely!

Vote, because your vote counts! Otherwise why would they bother to convince you to vote for them?


Alexandra said...

Uaaa... e politica blogului ca mesajele adresate alegătorilor români să fie și ele în engleză? Mă scuzi, nu mă puteam abține! :-D

Vezi că io-l partajez în Google Reader. Nu știu însă cîți se vor prinde că e pentru compatrioți.

Anonymous said...

Don't expect democracy or voting to be remotely useful.