Sunday, 6 May 2012

Homeopathy, there's nothing in it, but is expensive

To add insult to injury, homeopathy is not only inefficacious, it's expensive, too.
A whole pack of an absurd dilution of a non-existent thing is the most expensive product on that advertising. Are we living an an age of insanity or what? If you want to know what really is homeopathy and why is dangerous, you can read here.


tshirtman said...

I can't explain how, and as a rational mind, that bother me, but for what i know, some homeopathic medications are hightly effective. Yeah, there is statistically nothing in it, i get the point, but it works.

My mother is not as much rational as me, and is a firm believer in homeopathy, so i used that a lot when i was young, and now i hardly use any medication ever, but i remember times i had big fevers, and belladona was pretty much magic for me. Solving anything, and an homeopath said to her i had a belladona «temper», and yeah it makes no sens, and i hate that, too, but that's what i know.

Alex said...

Still, I believe all the drugs from the picture are standard drugs, with undiluted active constituents :).

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see links of studies comparing homeopathy treatments to placebo treatments. How many claim homeopathy is better? How many claim they're the same thing?

Sure, homeopathy *can* have some effects. But placebo can also have. We should compare both.

Without proper studies behind, even the claim that homeopathy is "nothing" can not be considered.

Thomas Bliesener said...

It's wrong to state that homeopathy is inefficacious. Homeopathy *has* an effect. It is scientifically well proven and well documented for many years. It's identical to the placebo effect and it's >0. Denying the placebo effect seems to be a common mistake in discussions about homeopathy. You say "no effect" and the people who believe in homeopathy *do* note an effect. Do you think they will consider seriously your arguments?

Unknown said...

It sounds like the "relativism of medicine" in which the diluted medicine isn't what gets you but the lack of sound medicine advice that costs you in the long run, the worst way!

eddyp said...

@tshirtman: Homeopathy is no different than placebo because that's what it is.

@Alex: Oscillococinum is a homeopathic product. The rest are real drugs.

@Anonymous: All well done studies are placebo controlled. Because the minimum for a well done trial is randomized double-blind placebo-controlled studies.

Meta-analyses of those quality studies agree, homeopathy is no better than placebo. I recommend you read professor Edzard Ernst and Simon Singh's "Trick or Treatment" and search for meta-analyses done by prof. Ernst, the first professor of complementary medicine in the world. He used to practice homeopathy then he realised homeopathy's efficacy is pure placebo.

@Thomas Bliesener: If the only effect one tratment has is placebo then it is CORRECT to say it's efficacy is inexistent.

@Unknown: Yes, that's the danger of homeopathy. Almost the same with acupuncture, cupping, reiki, spiritual healing etc.