Monday, 8 October 2012

HOWTO fix git-buildpackage signs with wrong signature

If you have two or more available gpg keys that can be used for the same identity (e.g.: 'John Doe <>') that you might use to add entries to changelogs of packages, you might end up in situations where git-buildpackage or other similar tool might want to sign packages with the wrong key.

It seems debsign (the tool that actually does the signing) just picks up the first key that is still valid (I also have a revoked key) and matches the used identity.

There are many ways to fix this, but the one that will work for most cases is to run this command:

echo 'DEBSIGN_KEYID=0x0123ABCD' >> ~/.devscripts

Of course, you should replace  0x0123ABCD with the keyid which you prefer.

This will create a ~/.devscripts file (if it didn't exist) which will contain the DEBSIGN_KEY variable with the desired value. This file will be sourced by debsign before doing its actual work, so it will do the right thing when ran.

There are also git-buildpackage specific fixes like defining builder in the [DEFAULT] section of ~/.gbp.conf and passing '-k0x0123ABCD' to debuild something like:

builder = debuild -i -I -k1234ABCD

But that probably gets ugly if you use a custom builder.

P.S.: I have just deleted my old key 0xDD1F1F9F since I won't be using it anymore. I don't remember where I put the revocation certificate, but I'll revoke the key, once and if I find the revocation certificate. Otherwise, it will expire in July, next year.

From now on, I am going to use only the key 0xE3E083A1 to which I even added a photo and some newer identities and updated with a few signatures I got during DebConf 9.

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Daniel Bartholomew said...

Thanks, this really helped me today.

I'm using Jenkins with git buildpackage and there are a few tricks like this that you need to finish the job.