Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Herbalife, a detailed analysis

You might remember that a while ago I mentioned I got involved in skepticism to the point I even co-host a podcast, Skeptics in Romania (in Romanian).

Among the subjects we tackle there are claims about various miracle fruits, shady dietary advice, various nonscientific health products, and even scams. We try to inform or listeners about ways to identify themselves such dangerous/fake products and how they can inform themselves about the claims they might encounter, what questions they should ask before considering buying (into) such things.

One sensitive subject is the so called multilevel marketing, especially for people involved in such businesses.

This is a sensitive subject because many of these schemes are actually pyramidal schemes, also known as Ponzi schemes. These are illegal in many countries, since they are, in fact scams designed to lure people with supposed high profits and little work.

One such pyramidal system... well you can judge yourselves (note that the presentation contains many slides, but it's really captivating):


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