Sunday, 7 January 2007

New laptop #2

A new laptop means more things than just new hardware.
  1. I will no longer have a PowerPC machine; it has been fine, I have been spoiled by Apple hardware and design, but I also had my share of bitterness (like it or not flash is ubiquitous, wlan works on i386 hardware via ndiswrapper, wine is good enough when no free alternatives are around)
  2. my father will use my current laptop in OS X; as sad as it may sound I am glad I will not have to administer the machine that much, and, like it or not, the OS X is better suited for him since he is not "that" skilled with computers
  3. I can't work on powerpc/bigendian specific issues, thus, the long pending and incomplete glest big-endian support patch will have to find a new person to take care of and finish it. BTW, the glest project needs developers, the current ones are busy and can hardly do maintainance. Is a pitty, the game has incredible graphics.
  4. I will be able to test the Debian Games Team's games... and I will be able to play again cursively Oolite. (BTW, Oolite should autobuild now, but it seems it hasn't been autobuilt, just the upload architecture is on version 1.65-4)

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