Thursday, 16 August 2007

too much to do, too little time

Short update:
  • I had no time to do hacking lately
  • there are too many mails on -boot; I wish they changed their minds and made a -boot-dev list, the BTS mails are incredibly annoying (yes, I made a filter, but is not that efficient); I am thinking seriousely about unsubscribing from that list
  • I would like to retreat from supporting the ppp-udeb package of ppp since I have no more interest in it; I already unsubcribed from part of the mails related to it
  • I have a new HDD from my router and is really silent :-) (some good news, at last)
  • glest-data contains some unclearly licensed stuff; imagine how nice is that when upstream is unresponsive (although not dead - adds new messages on the upstream forum, but never answers other's posts)
  • sorry for not having time to work on svn-buildpackage, glest, naughtysvn, wormux and oolite; I would really like NMU work on the debian packages (but I don't know what to say about svn-buildpackage since Eduard Bloch is the lead developer)
  • real life is taking is share back
  • I am thinking of upgrading to lenny in an attempt to motivate myself back into coding
  • aspell-ro with support for the correct diacritics should be uploaded soon in sid; cedilla support is dropped; minor obstructions in the way of the uplaod
  • LVM rules
  • RPM still sucks big time not because of itself, but because of the pure lack of tools for it
  • scons can't cross build
  • the freetype cross building bug (reported and found in gentoo) has a working patch; they claim they sent the patch
  • I got 2 cool presents for my birthday (27 now): an ASUS wl-500g Premium wireless router and a Fujitsu USB HDD
  • chroot-ing in armel from arm isn't possible (for me?):
ritter:/home/eddy# chroot /data/chroots/armel-root-fs/
Illegal instruction
ritter:/home/eddy# uname -a
Linux ritter 2.6.18-4-ixp4xx #1 Sun Aug 5 19:53:40 EEST 2007 armv5tel GNU/Linux
  • I no longer have this on my belly (it washed away):

  • the vacation was really great
  • I have too many interests in and outside of Debian, I'll have to cut back on some of them
  • Ross Burton rules because he wrote tasks and he maintains it properly

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