Monday, 10 September 2007

debian lenny on my laptop

I did this Friday night:

cat /etc/debian_version

The good:
  • the upgrade was pretty painless, including the kernel upgrade (I just spent about an hour to resolve/force the upgrade path for some packages since aptitude was stubbornly refusing to upgrade since some recommends were not satisfied)
  • the kernel doesn't seem to need any options to make the headphones work
  • I can use a free driver for the wlan (bcm43xx instead of ndiswrapper)
  • as a bonus, now I can suspend-to-disk while the wlan interface is turned on (with ndis+2.6.18-5 the system hanged during suspend)
The bad:
  • the two icons I got on the desktop for the crypto partition I have mounted under /crypto are still both there (the worse thing is that I don't remember/can't find the bug number)
  • suspend-to-ram still doesn't work - I suspect flgrx being the culprit
  • there are now two icons for xchat in the systray. Should I be removing xchat-systray? Apparently yes, although there are a few things that xchat-systray had which are not available in the native systray thingie:
This is xchat-systray's menu:

And this is xchat's native menu:
By the way, the Hide menu entry there hides xchat itself, not the tray icon.

one more bad: this is still not fixed.

I am a moron: apparently this is a known problem and a workaround exists. Now I can have my sincle xchat-systray icon :-) .

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