Monday, 15 October 2007

svn-buildpackage 0.6.22 released to experimental

Thanks to Damyan Ivanov for the upload, svn-buildpackage 0.6.22 is now in experimental. The upload was done to experimental due to the big number of changes affecting it and because I wanted to get a fairly significant amount of testing of the major fixes before propagating the code to unstable.

This release should fix 15 (yes, fifteen) bugs[0], most of which were important bugs or bugs affecting usability.

The major fixes are:
  • mkdir -p like functionality in the repo for the tags and other possibly missing directories - this means that even repositories created with older broken versions should be fixed automatically[1]
  • .svn/deb-layout is no longer a broken cache, but only a real local override for the layout information; .svn/deb-layout is created only on express request via --svn-savecfg; note that although .svn/deb-layout is no longer created automatically, old checkouts should be purged of this cruft (unless the override is wanted)
  • build dependencies are not required on --svn-export
  • automatic creation of the origDir when using origUrl
  • some code clean up
Installing the package on an etch, lenny or sid system should be straight forward: just get the deb from experimental and install it (no backporting is necessary).

If you usually use svn-buildpackage, please install the experimental version and report any bugs and/or success stories. I am particularly interested in feedback related to the behaviour around .svn/deb-layout and the other methods of specifying layout information.

Please send success stories to me directly eddy.petrisor @ Bugs should be directed to the BTS, but I hope there will be mail just directly to me :-) .

[0] I wonder, does the thickness of the yellow area on these graphs ever decreases?
[1] as soon as the breakage would have been visible in the past

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