Sunday, 28 October 2007

gpg signatures sent

I finally managed to resend the signatures to the few people I decided to send them a while back after debconf7.

I actually resent all the signatures I thought I should sign (if I didn't socialize at all with you during debconf or before you shouldn't receive a signature from me).

So, please:
  • sorry, if you get my signatures again; if so, ignore
  • don't be mad if you didn't receive a signed key from me, I probably don't consider I know you enough to do that yet ;-)
Now I can cross one more item on my long todo list. Yay!

This message has emerged thanks to: caff, dato, python's smtplib and rfc822, vi, gpg, exim, linksys, dell, todo(the application from openhand) and blogger :-)

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