Friday, 10 April 2009

Is Romania part of the European Union?

This is a really slim and really incomplete description of the events turning really bad for Romania and severely bad for Moldavian civilians.
  • Moldavia calls his ambassador from Romania
  • the peaceful protests turn violent on Tuesday (while Voronion recognised for Ria Novostni that they allowed the protesters to control for a day the Presidential building and the Parliament (in Romanian)
  • Moldavia accuses Romania without any proof of implication in the events in Moldavia
  • The Romanian ambassador Filip Teodorescu, and the Counseling Minister of the Romanian Embassy in Moldova, Gabriel Gaboran, are declared persona non grata in Moldavia; Romania can't do the same since the Moldavian ambassador is not in the country
  • Vladimir Voronin announces visas will be introduced for Romanians (an abussive measure since the EU should have been announced of such a measure with 48 hours in advance)
  • Romanian authorities respond by:
    • a ferm denial of the unproven accusations - from what I have seen CNN and Euronews simply don't accurately represent the declaration, and the texts put under quotes - the word "provocation" - imply that the Romanian position is not honest
    • they declared that they will NOT declare the Moldavian ambassador as a persona non grata and that the regime of gratuitous visas for the Moldavian citizens will not change
  • Wednesday protests are quiet but media access is highly restricted and inaccurate information is aired through the national Moldavian Television
    • Romanian journalists from Antena 3 were harassed, followed and, fearing for their safety, they appealed OSCE authorities in Moldavia to be able to leave the country safely
  • Wednesday and Thursday many arrests occur in Moldavia and the Romanian officials requested the Moldavian officials to tell them if among the arrested people are any Romanian citizens; no answer was provided by the Moldavian authorities
  • France, Sweden and Czehia and some other EU members declare that they "understand the complexity of the relation sensible issue between Romania and Moldavia" and appeal to Moldavia to rebound the diplomatic relation with Romania - WHAT? In Diplomatic lingo that seems to mean something like "we know Romanians are idiots, but please, Moldavian authorities, let's get back to dialogue"
  • Today, Friday 10, the Moldavians are called to protests and the authorities are authorized to use real ammunition
    • Teachers, university administration personnel, opposition representatives announce that people should not attend the protests and measures will be taken against anyone allowing people (mostly youngsters) to attend the protests
  • Russia declares that "the EU has a member state that hasn't clearly delimited its borders" which obviously refers to Romania, thus attacking Romania and alleging that Romania has unionist expansions; EU DOESN'T DO ANYTHING!
Are we living in a parallel world? What interests would Romania have to ever consider that it would be involved in this? Moldavia is the poorest country in Europe, has huge problems with justice, corruption, criminal activity, social security, border security (Transdnistria) and other issues which Romania does NOT want to import since we're already in a bad position by ourselves!

WHAT THE HELL IS EU DOING? Romania is a member of the EU and it seems all the attacks against Romania are not addressed in any way by the EU, on the contrary, EU members either assist passively, look the other way or even allow us to understand that indeed they think Romania is involved.


Manuel R. Ciosici said...

EU can't intervene since such an act would be interpreted negatively by Rusia. Romania on the other hand can, in the interest of its citizens, insist on finding out whether there are any romanians arrested.

And, of course, as in anything diplomacy related, it's all about see, wait, see, think, see, act. The this affair is only at the wait stage.

Tommi said...

EU is an economical union, it does not care about such things. Only what matters is that salary is paid to EU's army of bureocratics.

Anonymous said...

Dude, as a previous poster has said, the European Union is all about economics, markets and businesses. And at the moment everyone is affected by the crisis, so expect things to get worse for everybody (western Europe, eastern Europe), and don't expect any help from EU in any regard, for the moment.

nicu said...

As I can see it, EU tries everything possible to not upset Russia.

As for Moldavians, this may, in a very indirect way, be something positive, a lesson learned the hard way: then the majority (a plurality is not enough) will understand the dangers of communism and russification and turn against them, then the communist government will not be able to do anything.

They have first to help themselves before being helped from the outside.