Friday, 1 May 2009

I'm going to DebConf9

I purchased my tickets and I'll be flying from Bucharest directly to Madrid on the 22nd and I'll be returning on the 30th. If somebody wants to fly with me on the same flights (although only the return seems more possible), please contact me privately*.

Although initially I planned to go with my wife and go on a vacation to Portugal or Spain after DebConf, we later agreed it would be better if we decouple the vacation from DebConf, so I'll be travelling alone.

* Igor, you might be interested in this post, but I won't mind being contacted by other people, too.


pabs said...

Aww, no DebCamp!? Debian Games folks will miss you.

eddyp said...

Well, I'll catch the last day of DebCamp, or part of it.