Sunday, 27 September 2009

Remus Cernea - how media blocks information

I wrote in my last post about my decision to support Remus Cernea's candidacy to he Romanian Presidency.

The fact is that main stream media ignored for a whole month his candidacy and the fact that Radio România Actualități (Radio News Romania) removed an internet poll (true, not a social poll, but one of the percepted image of the Internet users) from the site which credited him with 30% of the preferences of the visitors.

Here (Romanian) is the article on Remus' blog in which he talks about this. And no, he did not set himslef on fire, he set on fire a picture of himself as a symbolic gesture against the media blockade.

As a proof that the poll was not doctored, the first article mentioning Remus Cernea in a search for "presedintia romaniei alegeri" is the 5th unsponsored hit on There is an obvious correlation between the position of other candidates in the results and the hits on Google.

If you want to support Remus' candidacy, please sign the support list(ro) or even collect signatures (ro) for him. He needs 200 000 signatures to be able to candidate, a task which is even harder for a candidate without a big party behind him.

You can contact me at eddy.petrisor+remuscernea _at_, for more details or you can contact Remus directly.

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