Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Mircea Badea - I'd vote Remus Cernea

Mircea Badea at Sinteza Zilei (minute 56:50): "If Remus Cernea enters the second tour I will vote him"

I other news Remus Cernea will be invited to the following shows at televisions in Cluj:
  • today, 28th of October at 20:00 at One TV from Cluj for about 90 minutes and can be followed online
  • again today from 22:00 to 24.00 will be invited at „Direcţia opusă”, a show by Bogdan Eduard at Klub TV
  • tomorrow, 29th of October, will be invited at TVR Cluj between 20:00 and 20:50

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Bezbojnicul said...

Cele 3 filmulete in care Badea il sprijina pe Remus Cernea. Intr-una intra Cernea in direct.