Monday 17 December 2007


Why don't you replace it with a lioness?

I am sure some people will say I am missing something...

This political correctness has went too far once again.

Thursday 6 December 2007

I am laptop-less, but disk-ful

Today I went for the second time[1] to emag's service[2] to have my laptop's[*] battery replaced since it was powering the laptop only for 15 (yes, fifteen) minutes. This after only 11 months since I bought the laptop[**].

I didn't observed this drastic reduction until recently (last time I remember was about 1 hour and 50 minutes, back in August), because I wasn't so mobile since August.

To make the long story short, I had to: wait, wait, argue, wait, argue, talk normally to the manager, wait, wait, argue, argue, observe sheer contempt from the personal when I asked again for the manager, talked normally to the manager, left after 4-5 hours wasted (+2 yesterday).

All this just to be able to keep my data safe by holding on to my hard disk, since they insisted they wanted the whole laptop[3], and making them write on the warranty receipt they were the ones who pulled out the HDD (I might be over-cautious/paranoid, but I wouldn't trust emag with the garbage bin).

Now I am on a forced vacation away from Debian for an undefined time, although I might be able to send mails and do make small patches from work.

Hey, emag:
  • teach your employees to behave properly like the manager did! (I don't remember her name, sorry, I'm really bad with names)
  • you'd better redirect clients with broken hardware to the actual services instead of acting like a useless buffer when is clear you're over your heads
  • simple and obvious defects like it was in my case (I could have proven it in exactly 15 minutes) should be handled with minimum impact for the client, for example, keep the faulty battery, but let me take home the laptop

[*] Dell Inspiron 6400 / E1505
[**] when I think the long battery time was one of the most important points, it looks ridiculous now to have such a bad degradation in such a short time

[1] first was yesterday, but due to some support person's incompetence I had to postpone - I asked two questions, they gave me two wrong answers
[2] after all this I wouldn't recommend emag to anyone
[3] You might ask why would they need the whole laptop for a clear 'battery is broken' complaint? Apparently "the service can't test the batteries without the laptop". They probably have neither any spare laptops nor dedicated equipment to measure batteries.

Tuesday 4 December 2007

People who think the default wiki theme is nice

The people who think the default wiki.d.o theme is nice, should think again. Thanks to an anonymous reader I was pointed to and I looked at the default theme. Then I shrug.

This was after I made a few screen shots myself to prove that the default wiki.d.o theme looks like crap on MSIE or Opera even on a 1024px wide screen, not to mention 800px wide screen or smaller window be it of MSIE or Opera.

In case you think I have faked something, see for yourselves at (the third request is for a 800px wide screen, so expect fun when is done uploading MSIE variants).

wiki.d.o theme -is it bad timing or too late?

I have been working recently working on the wiki.d.o theme; this work was started last year around May - June and I halted it due to lack of time. The point was (opposed to what many might have thought) to make a theme that looks like the www.d.o theme.

Currently the TODO is outdated, so here is an updated one (I'll update it and push it there, too):
  • fix the alignment issues of the edit page for MSIE
  • port the changes done in into
  • clean up the screen.css and add comments for the hacks made for MSIE
  • decide if the CSS3 border-radius is worth the trouble and, if it makes sense, replace with a portable implementation like is done for
  • retest on Opera, MSIE 6.0, iceweasel/Firefox and konqueror (iceweasel is the reference)
  • test on other browsers (maybe MSIE 7.0)
There are some screen shots with the current theme as seen on Opera, Epiphany (for some reason sometimes different from iceweasel) and MSIE 6.0, but here are again since I expect that my public darcs repo will change:

In MSIE (by far the most annoying browser and creates the most issues):

In Opera:

In Epiphany (the window was smaller, the content isn't bigger):

If you want to contribute, you can:

darcs get

read the README to understand what matters, and tackle one of the items on the TODO list above.

I found it pitiful that Zack has based his PTS rework based on the wiki.d.o default theme since that theme is, in my opinion the one that should be corrected (at least the colors should be).

I am not an expert in aesthetics and i don't claim that the www.d.o theme is beautiful, but it seems that the recurrent discussion of it being replaced with something better never found a person to make it true. This is one of the reasons I stopped last year since it seemed the dream would come true at that time.