Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Appdirs from pypi is retarded

The XDG standard says user-specific data files should be written [in] $XDG_DATA_HOME which defaults to $HOME/.local/share.

Appdirs explicitly breaks XDG_DATA_HOME specification and returns a path based on $XDG_CONFIG_HOME, ~/.config/<appname> instead of ~/.local/share/<appname> for user_data_dir. Although the spec is as clear as day, the authors of appdirs say this is 'subject to some interpretation'.

No, it's not, read the damn spec!


The irony is that initially they got it right, but decided to break the standard some two years ago.

Thank you appdirs authors for ignoring a perfectly clear standard just because you *think* 'in practice, Linux apps tend to store their data in ~/.config/<appname>'.

Dear appdirs authors, if some people break the law it doesn't mean the law is broken. And if *you*think* some apps do not conform to a standard, it does mean *at*all* that you should not, either. More than that, if some applications decide on their own they consider some things config data and you'd classify those as 'application data', that's their business, and is not your place to decide to break the standard for everybody. Standards exist for a reason.

 BTW, your software is worthless to me now and I decided NOT to use it because of this idiotic decision of yours.