Wednesday 11 March 2009

Acceptable and unacceptable behaviour

Many people answered to my previous rant stating that it is upstream's prerogative to refuse integration of external patches. I agree and I never said they must integrate patches if they open their source.

What I find unacceptable, and the only reason for the rant, is the fact that upstream deleted my posts from the forum when it was clear that none of the fake reasons that were given was the real reason, since I answered to all of them with sane, logic and reasonable arguments.

I find acceptable to refuse external patches, although undesirable.

Still, I find it unacceptable to try to erase all tracks of a conversation from which it is clear that you were wrong, and try to keep face by erasing traces.

I would have found it hard to deal with, but still acceptable, if upstream would have said simply "please don't try to make patches for glest with the purpose of integrating them later on, we don't want any patches from outsiders". That would have been a decent thing to do.

cd-circleprint - calibration info for c5380

If you're using a HP Photosmart C5380 All-in-One printer to print on a CD, you might find it useful to use the following cd-circleprint configuration file when using mainly A4 paper format.

delta 20.0
begin_from_bottom 7.5
viewer /usr/bin/evince
converter convert
radius_inner 21
tickmarks 1
print_circle_boundaries 1
begin_from_left[0] 1.5
begin_from_left[1] 1.5
number_of_labels 2
debug 0
circle_radius[0][0] 50
circle_radius[0][1] 41
circle_radius[0][2] 41
circle_radius[0][3] 50
circle_radius[1][0] 50
circle_radius[1][1] 41
circle_radius[1][2] 41
circle_radius[1][3] 50
x_scale 1
y_scale 1

I am unsure if usually using A4 paper format changes anything, but the .ps file cd-circleprint creates uses A4 on my system.

Does anyone knows a decent editor for CD artwork?