Thursday, 14 June 2007

libgnome-dev + libsvn-dev = problems

On Debian Etch systems it is impossible to install out of the box both libglade-gnome0-dev and libsvn-dev due to a conflict between depended upon libraries.

In order to install them side by side you will have to modify an existing libdb4.4-dev deb package to add "libdb3-dev" to the Provides: field of the package. You can do this by editing DEBIAN/control after running:

deb-reversion -k /bin/sh libdb4.4-dev_*.deb

When done, exit and install the newly created libdb4.4-dev package:

dpkg -i libdb4.4-dev*LOCAL*.deb

I managed to find this solution thanks to mrvn and other people on IRC. Thanks.

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Luis Matos said...

Home that you reported that issue to the bts.