Wednesday, 13 June 2007


After the feedback related to my latest post about NaughtySVN I thought it would be nice to commit my pending changes about update, although they are not enough to make a functional update feature.

I also thought is time to clarify a few things about the project:
  • NaughtySVN is a project that tries to be first a sane SVN client for Nautilus in the style of TortoiseSVN available on Windows
  • the project is designed in such a way that different frontends and backends can be added[1], so it shouldn't be hard (in theory) to add support for konqueror, gnome-commander on one side or darcs, mercurial or git on another side.
  • For now we are working for a Nautilus+SVN client combination and we are in the alpha stage
  • different menu items will appear as needed and when they make sense (the update command will appear only if an update is possible, i.e. context menu of a file/directory in a working copy)
[1] see the comment starting from "A word of caution" in this message from Alexander Thomas

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Anonymous said...

Keep up your good work, I'm very exited about this project. It have the potential to become veru very popular :)