Tuesday, 5 June 2007

insurance card and debconf

Dear lazyweb,

I have remembered about the European Health Insurance Card too late to able to make it in reasonable conditions[*], so I am thinking of using a regular insurance policy for the period spent abroad.

Dear lazyweb, is there any reason to be worried if I want to make this policy instead of using the card? My reason tells me no, but I want to be in the safe side.

[*] there is a 7 days waiting period for the emission; I work in Bucharest but I have to go to my home county which is 150km away and compared to the tax for the emission, the trip cost is 20 times more expensive


Anonymous said...

Normally regular travel insurnance will assume you have an EHIC, OTOH you almost certainly won't need it to get free treatment in .uk The insurnace should also cover you for other things like repatriation of any remains etc.

eddyp said...

What does "free treatment" include? Emergencies?

As everybody, I hope I will not need any of this, but I would really dislike to have to pay out of my own pocket for some stuff that I was supposed to get for free (since it was payed for already).

Hmm, thanks. Tomorrow somebody will use the faxed forms and necessary documents I already sent to make a request in my name for the EHIC. I hope I'll get it in time. If not, I'll probably make just an insurance policy.

Moray said...

If you're from an EU country I think the EHIC entitles you to the same free treatment a UK person could get, which is most healthcare excepting a few areas like dentistry and vision correction. Generally travel insurance will include an exception for things that the EHIC would entitle you to -- so in the UK having that kind of travel insurance might not gain you much at all.

Moray said...

Though as the first commenter implied, if you have a problem the NHS would treat you anyway without an EHIC, you just might have some hassle afterwards.