Monday, 5 November 2007

(debian) work and the silence

I've been really busy lately in RL and Debian work took the hit.

Some news:
  • on the 1st of November, the compendiums on managed to waste a huge chunk of disk space and made other scripts (and itself) on churro fail miserably; now there is only a 7 days backlog of the compendiums
  • oolite needs an upload due to the gnustep libs transition; I'll try to prepare tonight the long due 1.65-6 version for unstable
  • wormux upstream is preparing for yet another beta which should be really close to the final 0.8 version; I wish I had more time to work on this game
  • sadly, no news on the naughtysvn front :-( from me
  • I have been coding now and then on svn-buildpackage 0.6.23 and I intent to make yet another drop in the bug count visible on the graph:


Anonymous said...

As a rabid ooLite fan: Yay! (I've been building my own .debs with the SVN version against the old GNUStep.)

eddyp said...

Getting the version from trunk shouldn't bring any sensible value for the game itself; Still, I am glad to hear that :-)

Anonymous said...

Well, I never made any claims about being sensible... It's just nice to know that the GNUStep situation is being looked at, and that there's hope of the mythological 1.70 stable release making it into Debian without my crude fumbling with it :)