Wednesday, 2 January 2008

back(b)loging until 2008

I haven't blogged since last year :-D so a "Happy New Year!" is required.

So what happened meanwhile? Quite a few things, both good and bad.

  • 15th-16th of December: severe teeth pain, and since it was weekend, I couldn't see a dentist
  • 17th of December: I got a dentist appointment and got rid of the pain; more sessions planned
  • 18th of December
    • around 17 o'clock: I start feeling back pains;
    • around 19 o'clock: takes me 20 minutes to walk from the office to the subway station, 15 minutes more than it usually takes; I postpone the second dentist appointment because of the back pains;
    • later that evening: I end up calling the emergency service because the back pain became unbearable; they arrived about 2 hours later; after some basic treatment I was able to sleep
  • 19th of December:
    • I had the rescheduled dentist appointment scheduled at 9 o'clock; the back pain became so bad that I couldn't sit on the dentist chair; I had to postpone again the appointment
    • later that day: I had to call in sick, the back pain was back; I spent all day indoors and just tried to rest
  • 20th of December:
    • my father and my fiancee came and took me home;
    • while on the road the people from emag called me to tell me the laptop is fixed - sadly, about two hours too late
    • I went to the doctors' and got the papers for the sick leave; until the end of that week I was to feel better, but not great.
  • Christmas' Eve and Christmas:
    • although planned to be spent at my sister's, we had to stay home since I wasn't feeling well enough for a 50km drive
    • nice gifts were exchanged; even the hardest ones to please were pleased
    • my sister, my brother in law, my nephew and my niece came to Caracal; it was nice to see Andu (my nephew) literally jump in my arms out of sheer joy (in spite of the back pain, I was glad); Denisa was so cute telling "Tica, Tica"[1] to Santa, especially since, at her stage of verbal development, using verbs seems to be optional :-)
  • New Year's Eve and 1st of January:
    • spent (finally, as planned) in Craiova, with my sister, my brother in law and some of their friends
    • was nice to see again my nephew and my niece
    • on the 1st: drove back to Caracal on a really bad road due to the heavy snow fall during the morning of that day;
  • 2nd of January:
    • heavy snow falls; a layer of snow of approximately 50cm covers everything
    • the area where a neighbour shoveled the snow the previous evening seems to be leveled with the rest
Maybe at a future point in time I'll post a picture or two with my nephews.

To all the people, thanks for the support and, once again, Happy New Year!

[1] a simple poem for kids

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