Wednesday, 9 January 2008

my laptop is back

Yesterday I got my laptop back. It was in service since the 6th of December.

They replaced the battery, and although it looked like the built-in charge indicator was defect, actually the button on this battery is buried deeper than it was on the previous one and I have to press really hard on it to trigger it.

According to the tests made yesterday night, this battery holds for about 2.5-3 hours when playing music. Also it has 96% of its designed capacity. I guess is OK enough since I don't want to be spared from my laptop anymore.

Next on the agenda:
  • restore data sanity (I did clean up most of the data from the HDD before handing down the laptop for the case when I was forced to hand it over; lucky for me, I managed to keep the HDD)
  • install armel Debian on my new[1] NSLU2, Kinder (more news on that later ;-) )
  • fix my local network chaos triggered by the problems that hit Ritter (my older NSLU2)
  • finish the wiki theme
  • work a little more on svn-buildpackage and kill more of its bugs
  • walk through my (game) packages' bugs and try to fix them, answer, etc.
  • try to make bluetooth transfers to work from and to my laptop
BTW, I still hold to my opinion that Dell and Emag suck, although I might buy desktops from Dell, laptops are a no-no until they fix their broken batteries and their broken "1-year warranty for batteries" policy.

[1] I bought a new NSLU2 after I left my laptop in service and it has been waiting since then to run the Debian Arm EABI (armel) port

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