Monday, 14 January 2008

blowing things out of proportion

First I want to say shame on you for plain out laying. I had the laptop in service once, not twice. That was for the battery. The HDD is fine and I never had hardware issues with it. Now I am writing from that laptop, is that proof good enough for you?

Now I understand how rumors start.

What I don't understand what would motivate anyone to do this?

Oh, and you're welcome for the free advertising.


Anonymous said...

Well, if you don't read the footnote on your original post, I can understand why that guy thinks you had to replace the battery for the second time now.
You said:
"Today I went for the second time to emag's service to have my laptop's battery replaced."
This sounds like you replaced the battery twice. It of course also can be interpreted the way you intended it. But I can definately see how someone can misinterpret it.

Anonymous said...

Eddy, you're so picky... Are you actually angry at me because your battery was not that bad? "Out of proportion" was THIS post of YOU!

But maybe you actually wanted to read this.

eddyp said...

I am not angry while you also said my HDD is bad.