Wednesday, 7 March 2007


Christian is talking about problems with suspend-to-RAM and suspend-to-disk and the major cause of issue being the non-free Conexant HSF modem driver.

Since I got my new laptop I had my share of issues with suspend-to-*.

At the beginning everything worked fine, out of the box. Then (I think) I realized that my video card (damned ATI) was not working in accelerated mode, so I decided to fix that and since the card is too new to be even listed as existing on radeon driver's support page, I had to use fglrx.

Then I made the DRI work but suspend-to-ram ceased to work (after a few testing->experimental; experimental--> upstream updates, both ways); I started using the experimental driver (8.31.5-1) which proved to be stable enough (this time) just for suspend-to-disk, if it had dri enabled, or suspend-to-ram, if not having DRI enabled.

I even made a patch to help the maintainer update faster the package (I added a get-orig-source rule in debian/rules).

Now I have ported the patches in the debian package and updated it to 8.33.6 and I am running that. Problems include: consoles are not accessible, but suspend-to-ram and dri work. I will submit a bug with the patch to updated fglrx package.

I expect that I'll try soon to update to 8.34.8 in the hope that I will get all the things working: suspend-to-*, consoles, dri.


wandering_mind said...

would you be kind enough to document how you managed to get dri working?


eddyp said...

I followed this:

If the package in etch/sid don't do the right thing for you, try the experimental version.

If even that doesn't work, ping me about the unofficial package I made for 8.33.6.

wandering_mind said...

the link you gave is inaccessible. 'non-existent'. folders upwards of the address are forbidden.

18 mar 2007:

btw, my laptop's with hp support atm, faulty board. its an nx9420 w/ ati x1600. never been able to get dri working in debian etch, but it works fine in ubuntu dapper.

dunno what exactly you meant by ping. my email is

eddyp said...

The link works for me. Just checked.

A comment here was enough.