Monday, 5 March 2007

about stable and oldstable (not sarge and etch)

I was wondering, would it make sense if it would make sense to allow updates to stable packages (more specifically, maintainer scripts) just to allow clean upgrades from a current stable to a new stable release (as in allow changes in Sarge to make upgrades to Etch smoother).

I have seen already many packages that would be better to have a small change in the old version rather to have some kludges in the new postinst.


bureado said...

Yes! This is a great idea. Most changes will happen in the maintainer scripts, where you can really make "magic" in an upgrade process.

Adrian Bunk said...

The problem is: How can you ensure that everyone upgraded to the latest point release of sarge before upgrading to etch?

There are some tricky cases like people with no or a very bad internet connection installing Debian via DVDs.