Friday, 27 April 2007

change look, but don't forget

Lately, there has been a lot of discussion around reorganizing the layout and looks of the site and related sites.

Gustavo made a mock-up of the site with theme.

All fine and dandy, but please, don't forget about

P.S.: I am thinking of remaking the theme I did for to match this theme.


Anonymous said...

I am working on a mockup based on the design from My plan is that the wiki, bugs, mailing lists and the main website have the same design :)

You could join #debian-www on OFTC if you want to ;)

- Runa

Anonymous said...

No, the mockup is badly flawed. Just narrow the window, and notice that the display does not adjust: it has a fixed layout, designed for a wide window. This makes the site unusable from devices that have a smaller display.

Anonymous said...

mock-ups are always flawed