Saturday, 7 April 2007

"To be or not to be on the first CD?"

That is the question. Well, not personally[0], the Romanian translation of the Release notes.

If you would have asked me yesterday, I would have said the plan is "to be".

Plan: make sure that a decent enough text is committed in CVS at all times.

What happened? Let me see...

(Time stamps are for EET - UTC+3 now - unless specified otherwise)

- pack in the morning
- take luggage to work
- buy train ticket before going to work
- ask on list to take action if I don't act by 03:00am EET (00:00 UTC)
- send the translation as is (25u), maybe the connection at my parents is broken
- leave from work directly to the station
- meet a pair of lovers in the train
- he is so into her
- she plays him like the fool he is
- translate on the train
- 5u and the battery is at 8%
- no "darcs rec", hdd consumes battery
- close lid instead of hibernating
- mini-panic, mini-panic[1]
- resume and hibernate - those percentages seem to change sooo slowly
- arrive home
- Internet connection works, good
- continue updates
- reach 100%
- send first complete draft of the translation for inclusion
- parallel review gathering up to 4 people on #debian-ro for review
- joke seriously about me not being able to send the translation
- ask again for action from the team, if needed
- 02:30 - translation seems to be mature, less an less problems are found, should be committed
- 02:40 forgot to ask activation, new mail
- ??? - turning point?
- send mail... error
- can't send mail with the request to activate Romanian
- provider's network seems to be isolated
- realize I don't know if the commit request reached its target
- frustration eased up by the already made requests to take action, if needed
- 04:30 - power goes out
- no ping from GW either
- 04:30:01 - decide to write a blog about this day
- start in zim
- write a first nice draft - with some exciting writing style
- zim looses my article when trying to remove a link-ified timestamp
- start gedit
- break the plug of the network cable[2]
- 09:09 not even the GW is reachable
- 05:10 sleep
- (expected) 06:30 wake up
- (expected) check the network connection
- translations committed ???
- thank to people / take action yourself ???
- 07:00 (04:00 UTC) Romanian translation and CD images status: ???
- sometime during the day - publish article

[0] pure unintentional rhyme
[1] I never lost files with a Linux FS, but I have the mandatory fear
[2] is not fixed in the socket

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