Wednesday, 18 April 2007

wiki.d.o theme

As Bastian has pointed out, has a butt-ugly theme. I agree.

Some of the people that were present in Extremadura in September know that I was working at the time to make a wiki theme more integrated with the theme.

The result is partially complete, but is better, IMHO, than the ugly default theme. Sceenshots and the source is available (in a darcs repo). If anyone cares to continue and close all the remaining points, I would be glad to see that theme changed.

Unless somebody does something about both issues.

Comments are welcome! Contributions are welcome, you just do:

darcs get

And hack on that theme


KDS said...

The current wiki theme should be improved and the idea of having a consistent theme for is great(Ubuntu implemented this quite well). Just took a quick look of the screen shots and below are a few observations:

Horizontal navigation bar: The navy background of links just doesn't go with the red bar.

Curvy corners: although the -moz CSS rules degrade pretty fine in Konqueror, the quality of the curves is a bit distracting. That effect can possible be accomplished by other CSS tricks.

The blue navigation menu could be improved by taking the ideas used in the similar navigation menu on

Anonymous said...

In case you're still running the sarge package, you might want to do a test migration to the etch version with any customizations you make now. I just got done with a migration that could have gone better.