Wednesday, 11 April 2007

finally, I can get rid of filelight!

The desktop enviroment is not a religious thing for me. IMHO, they all (3 of them) have missing parts which are present in the others. I never really used Xfce.

OTOH, I have been switching back and forth between GNOME and KDE during my time as a GNU/Linux user. Since I always found that one of the environments was missing things which were present in the other, I think I have switched at least 3 times both ways by now.

Now, with the release of GNOME 2.18, I will have one less reason to think to move away from GNOME, which is the current desktop environment. One of the apps I was missing in GNOME was a filelight-like application that would show usage in a very intuitive graphical way. Now it seems that baobab (commonly known as Disk Usage Utility) has a ring chart similar to filelight's. Yay!

Now, if somebody would take the task of rewriting granslator, I would be more than glad to drop kbabel...

Note: I was disapointed that GNOME Space Chart never made it to public... that disappointment lasted until now.