Saturday, 1 March 2008

Building in a sarge chroot might not always work

Adeodato correctly points out that building under a Sarge chroot, and expecting the package to work on Sid, might not always[1][2] work mainly because of ABI changes and similar changes. Thus, I am forced to clarify this a little.

Generally, the binaries in the packages we produce do not dynamically link to anything other than libc6, libstdc++5 (yes, 5, not 6) or some internal libraries, so we don't have to worry about ABI changes, at least, not yet.

So, a disclaimer is in order: unless you know what you're doing, you probably are better off building packages for each of the supported Debian distros.

Thanks Adeodato for the heads-up.

[1] unless your package is a special case
[2] or, better said, in most cases

udate: fixed the link to dato's post

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