Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Debian Games Team - have source, but do not import :-/

JoeyH wrote a while back some thoughts on why he hates the DGT SVN repo (mainly our policy to import just the incomplete source of packages - usually just the debian/ directory).

He updated that blog entry and latter said:

Update: I realized after posting this that while the space gains on alioth might be illusory, there is certianly a space gain for people checking the whole repo out. What's really needed is a way to keep all the upstream sources in svn, but check them out only when wanted, and check out all the debian directories for cross-game work.

I was thinking, how about having a different area of the repo where the full source is present and which pulls the debian directory as an external from the current location?

I know it has the huge disadvantage that anything outside of the debian/ directory, but part of the diff, is, for sure, lost. (Still, there is also another team policy to not track anything outside debian directly, except through patches[1], except for really exceptional cases, but even then, there is a need for a strong justification).

Would that work? (I know git-svn doesn't support externals properly, yet, so there's not much gain).

[1] I know Joey, you hate those, too

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