Sunday, 2 March 2008

pbuilder - /etc/pbuilderrc no longer a conffile (333294)

I have just finished a completely functional patch for pbuilder's bug #333294. I started this during debconf7, to be more precise, just after Junichi's talk about pbuilder. This patch makes pbuilder smarter smarter about the information it places in the MIRRORSITE variable of the /etc/pbuilderrc.

And now that file is no longer a conffile[1], and it asks some questions via debconf. And since debconf is translatable, there is a Romanian translation, too.

I have published my changes in my pbuilder git repo on alioth.

Anyone interested in the changes can pull from that repo:


[1] this was the main reason the patch wasn't good enough, since modifying a conffile is RC.

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