Wednesday, 7 February 2007

Debian Live HOWTO

In order to make a Debian Live image these are the steps you have to make (as root):

  • aptitude install live-package
  • make-live -d ${DIST} -p ${PACKLIST} -m ${MIRROR}
  • Enjoy!
Really, no lies! just make sure you replace ${DIST}, ${PACKLIST} and ${MIRROR}.

DIST can be etch or sid. I didn't try sarge.
PACKLIST is one of the ones in /usr/share/make-live/lists/ or you can make your own and place it there.

By default, these are available:

ls /usr/share/make-live/lists/
gnome kde kde-extra-i18n minimal x11
gnome-core kde-core kde-full minimal-net x11-core
gnome-full kde-core-i18n kde-full-i18n standard xfce
gnustep kde-extra kde-i18n standard-i18n

MIRROR is easy and it can be a local mirror

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