Friday, 18 May 2007

Debconf7, here I come

Since I never got managed to reemit my credit card, I was forced to reserve my plane ticket to DebConf7 via phone.

The good news is that, this time I was able to find which apparently has some better search engine since I still found some cheaper (not much) flights than I did in January (I have a printout of the flight I thought of initially).

The price now is NOT a lot bigger than the one I found in January. Back then it was about 400€, now I'll have to pay around 425€[*]. Is not the same set of flights, but I don't mind.

So, now I have these flights:
  • BUH - EDI, 16th of June :
    • KL1358 OTP, 06:00 - AMS, 07:50
    • KL1279 AMS , 09:25 - EDI, 09:55
  • EDI - BUH, 24th of June:
    • KL1276 EDI, 06:00 - AMS, 08:35
    • KL1389 AMS, 09:35 - OTP, 13:20
I would have liked to have a wider window at return, between the flights, but, although there was some flight that left from AMS at 13:00, it was not possible to couple with that flight and keep a low fare :-( . So, my visit to Amsterdam must wait for another occasion.

  1. if anybody else will be on any of these flights, I would welcome company.
  2. Helooooo, DebConf
Now I'll just have to have the confirmation mail and go myself to do the payment at e-car. Fortunately e-car is somewhere in the center of Bucharest, in the Roman Plaza (Piața Romană).

[*] If this sounds like a contradiction with the previous, is not. Now I found some of the previousely found flights and some new cheaper ones (all "now" prices), but since the booking is done later, all "now" prices are bigger than "January" prices. So if I had done the same booking back in January, I would have payed less; but back then I didn't found the flights I booked now.

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