Tuesday, 29 May 2007

po compendiums, just wait a little

It seems that my idea caught Javier's attention and he is already asking to use the scripts for Spanish.

As I have said before, those scripts will work for all languages in due time. Currently, as a test, they are running (or they should starting from tomorrow morning) only for the po material for the languages fr, de, ro and vi.

I intent to make compendiums for po-debconf material, po material[*] separately and another one made from all of them.

Stay tuned. Of course, a proper annoucement on debian-i18n@l.d.o will be done when I'll have something pretty ok.

Meanwhile, unpatient souls can take a peak at the current results

(I just enabled es, just for fun; es is broken, too?!? - or maybe the scripts are doing something wrong :-P - curious people can check, the logs are available.)

[*] which is more tricky since there is a need to merge fr_FR with fr/fr_CA with fr, de_DE with de, de_AT with de... and so on, but zh_TW does not have a zh to be merged with. Also the ll_CC strings should have higher precedence than ll strings.

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