Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Mozilla feature request response time...

I wonder how hard is to actually allow people to define their keyboard shortcuts and close all those keyboard shortrcut releated issues. There has been 3 years since this bug is open and still, no released version of thunderbird/icedove with working shortcut for select thread.

Well, I guess hopes aren't high since, for yet another wanted feature, direct Maildir support, the issue is waiting for 7 (yes, seven) years and still nothing happened.

Mozilla sucks big time.

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps your pet features aren't really desired by a large number of people. It seems to me that features that are highly desirable get implemented, either by a core developer in the core code, or by a volunteer contributor who attaches a patch to have the feature landed in the core code, or as an extension.

Are you saying that if the Mozilla community fails to work on the things you think are important (opting instead to work on the thinks that the Mozilla community thinks are important) then Mozilla sucks? That's an interesting attitude. Perhaps you don't understand how software is developed in general and open source software more specifically.