Thursday, 24 May 2007

Is not "my feature, or else"

Thijs, my post was more like "Hey Mozilla, I know you are busy and all, but, it would be nice to fix some bugs and maybe add some features from time to time.... come on, 7 years to start fixing[*] a bug is waaaaaaay(maybe enough to make your users go away) to much. That's why you suck!".

BTW Thijs, have you read at least the Reply-To-List thread in their bugzilla? Or the huge pile (now 126 open issues) of "keyboard shortcut" problems they have? I am saying that there is a lot of endless discussion around the subject until someone really tackles it. As an example, the real solution for (probably) most of those 126 keyboard issues would be to allow keyboard shortcut redefinition.

So this was mostly about response time, be it bug or feature, although the title was not so well chosen.

[*] note that the patch is from a first time contributor

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